So-Caley Swap Meet

First So-Caley Swap Meet. Clear out your garage before (most) of the big shows start!

Event will start at 11:00.

No entrance fee!!

Please note that only VAG/Classic Volkswagen cars of the attendees in order to show their cars and people wanting to sell Volkswagen/VAG used and NOS car parts will be allowed to access Winterfield Park by car (even if it's not a VW/VAG). All other visitors arriving by car will need to find other appropriate parking places.

Attendees are allowed to advertise the sale of VAG/Classic Volkswagen as well.

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Braw Day

Swap Meet was brilliant. About 60 cars attended the meet and it was a bright sunny day. I was terrified with the snow falling the week and a half before but it all cleared up nicely. Check out some of the photos taken by some people enjoying the meet.

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